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About Scorefusion

Business initiatives now need to be more agile than ever and mayinvolve teams from different geographic locations working to gether.
Scorefusion offers a mobile ready framework, with ultimate simplicity, and domain specific KPIs  to define, measure and improve the performance of your business initiatives at what ever pace you choose.
Teams cancollaborate, and can add meaningful narratives to enrich hard facts and numbers. Peer or team performance reviews can now be managed in one central location.
Scorefusion scales with your team and can you canget started within a day, with minimal IT support required.


  • Actionnable metrics

  • Helps you focus on the correlated KPI's which best represent your initiatives.

  • Designed for mobility

  • Managers on-the-go can securely access it from anywhere.

  • Fully Collaborative

  • Leads to increase engagement and improve team alignment.

  • Cloud based solution

  • Intuitive and secured, with predictible costs and level of service.

ScoreFusion is a new generation of fully mobile enabled scorecarding solution combining state of the art scorecard features with ultimate simplicity in its user experience



By focusing on the metrics and KPIs which best represent your initiative, ScoreFusion makes it easier for all participants to grasp the essence of it. With a better understanding of what you're after, their rationale engagement increases and leads to better performance.


All participants can view the metrics of other peers and understand the relationships that exist between them. They also clearly view and understand how all the metrics contribute the ultimate goals of the initiative. As a result, this increases the alignment within your team. Again another enabler for stronger and better business performance.


ScoreFusion has the concept of collaboration in its DNA. Peers and bosses can review and comment on submitted KPIs values. You can also attached qualitative elements to the KPIs values to even better contextualize them. The appropriate level of communication is enabled and kept in the form of a timeline.

Ultimate Simplicity

ScoreFusion has been designed to be so intuitive that you don't have to learn it. Your can  dedicate your time and energy to the data that amtters to you and to your organization,  Being fully mobile enabled, you can use it anytime, anywhere with adequate security.


What is ScoreFusion


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